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Commitment to Quality

Herman's has been serving the community with all-natural, wholesome products for over 50 years. The reason for our longevity is simple - since 1967 we have maintained an uncompromising commitment to quality and stock only the most premium cuts of meat and produce from local suppliers who are just as picky as we are.

Dry Aged Hanging Beef 

The beef we carry at Herman's comes from all-natural grass and grain fed cattle raised without hormones or antibiotics. In an age of factory farming and mass-produced livestock riddled with preservatives we have remained steadfast in stocking only humanely and naturally raised beef transported fresh with no preservatives. Our beef is dry aged until the moment it is cut fresh for our customers. We firmly believe that the result is a more flavorful, tender cut of meat that is wholesome from farm to table.


We found a calendar in our archives which dates back to 1909 when Newark was a young community. During that time, there were small family-owned businesses on Main Street, including a meat shop owned by Mr. Steele. The second owner, Mr. McMullen, operated the meat store for about 25 years. Luther Herman bought the business from him in 1967. On May 3, 1970, Luther moved the business from Main Street to its current location on East Cleveland Avenue. Luther's son Timothy and wife Christine purchased Herman's in 1992. Sadly, in 2008, Timothy passed away, but Christine has continued to operate Herman's. 

Since 1967, three generations of Herman's have worked at our store. Over the years, we have come to know many generations of our customers, therefore making them part of our family. Together, we have watched the community change and grow including the dynamics of the food industry. It is through our dedication to our customers, that we have remained the only full-service meat market in Newark. We buy our meat from local farms. We receive the entire animal, and we break it down in the store and use every part. We are dedicated to the humanity of the animals as well as the health of our customers and we therefore only sell products that are raised without growth hormones or antibiotics, and they are always all-natural.​